Health Benefits of Owning a Pet

There are several health benefits to owning pets. Some of the already proven health benefits of owning a pet are physical, mental and emotional improvements.

Pets give unconditional love, and most of us have pets from childhood right through to adulthood. In addition to providing unconditional love, pets can provide their owner’s a sense of belonging and purpose. This can be very important to an owner who is feeling down on life in general. It is a proven fact that pets help improve a human’s mood as well as helping them destress which in itself has a huge number of health benefits. Another reason why pet owners destress is that they experience more laughter in their lives due to their pet. Your pet loves you unconditionally and can not wait to see you when you walk through that door, after a potentially stressful day, the first thing I do when I come home to my 3 Labrador retrievers is smile and bend down to let them lick my face. I know when I come home they are going to be happy to see me.

Pet owners can have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels which in turn decrease the chance of having a heart attack. Most pet owners especially those who have dogs experience a considerable amount of activity in their day because dogs require at least two walks per day. As long as the owner is the one spending the time with Fido and not passing the task off to a dog walker or a dog sitter they should see the physical benefits of owning a pet. Here are a few ideas besides walking that can be done with Fido; jogging or running, biking, hiking, and agility training all of these benefit both owner and the pet.

Having a pet in the home can lower a child’s likelihood of developing pet-related allergies by as much as 33 percent (University of Wisconsin-Madison pediatrician James E.Gern). Children exposed early on to animals tend to develop stronger immune systems overall. (As published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinic Immunology). So, go ahead and let the little ones play with their pets as long as they are supervised at all times by an adult. Children should never be left alone with a pet.

Pets can also be a benefit to many people’s social lives. They may act as an icebreaker when meeting someone for the first time. Pet’s can encourage people who under normal circumstance would never approach someone to go ahead and do so, whether with you or not they are a topic for conversation. When a person’s pet is around, they feel less stressed about dealing with specific tasks which is why it makes it easier for some people to approach another individual and start talking about their beloved pet, even though said pet may be at home napping on the couch.

It is not advised to get a pet solely for these reason’s as pets do require a large amount of attention, as well as the costs associated with pets, do not always fit a person’s lifestyle. If you feel that you would benefit from owning a pet, do your research and have fun. There are many pets out there that may fit your lifestyle. Just remember if you do decide to get a pet to see your local veterinarian for proper information and medical care of your pet.

Sources also include; www.womensday.com

Written By: Shannon Knox, Clinic Manager



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