Pros and Cons of Adopting a Senior Pet

Adoption is a great way to add an animal to your family. When considering adopting an animal, you may choose to go with an older animal. There are both pros and cons when adopting an older animal. You will be giving an older animal a second chance, and the animal may have some of the same mannerisms you do. The downside is you may not get to spend as much time with your new pet as you would like.

Older animals in need of adoption have likely been in a home before. By adopting these animals, you are giving them a second chance at home life. For reasons out of their control, these senior animals will be in need of new owners, and by adopting them, you can help them settle back into normal life. Some of these animals will require little training and will need a little adjustment period and positivity to settle in. In some situations, the adoption of a senior animal can be a smooth transition for both owner and pet.

Older animals can mimic the mannerisms of older people. Therefore, if you are considering adopting an animal, but maybe you don’t have the energy to keep up with a puppy, a senior animal could be a great choice. All animals require attention and care. A senior animal may be set into a routine and require less exercise and attention than a newer animal.

While there are several reasons to adopt a senior animal, one drawback is that you will not have the pet for as long. Owners and animals form a special bond, and it is hard to see your animal leave. Unfortunately, an older animal will not be with you for their whole life span. Also, senior pets often have lifetime illnesses that would require routine visits to your veterinarian. While this is not a reason to avoid adopting an older animal, it is something to keep in the back of your mind.

A new pet is always an exciting time for any family. When deciding on a new pet, adoption can be a great option. Senior pets can be a great addition to any family.

Written by: Natasha Dehoope, CCR