To Spay or Not to Spay

The topic of spaying (ovariohysterectomy) has become more complex in recent years, and several issues have brought a new debate to the subject.

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Senior Cat Visits to the Veterinarian

As a responsible, pet owner is very important that your senior cat visits your veterinarian annually.

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

You may have heard these words before. If your pet has come to see us for the odd vomit that isn’t so infrequent anymore, or session of diarrhea that just won’t quit – you may have heard your doctor mention, “I think that Fluffy may have something called inflammatory bowel disease.”

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Children and Pets

If you are an animal lover as I am, chances are you had a fur-baby before you introduced a human baby into your family. Whether you birth, adopt or foster a new child it is a time of excitement, anxiety and stress for both you the parent and your pet(s).

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Dogs & Porcupine Quills Don’t Mix

It almost seems like an annual rite of the spring/summer season arriving – dogs and porcupines meeting up in the woods and usually, our canine friends end up on the wrong end. Quills in your dog can be ranging from very mild to some incredibly shocking sights.

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