“So Your Pet is a little Chubby”

You have just had your pet at your veterinarian for his/her annual physical exam. The veterinarian comments that he/she is "a little overweight". What does this mean?

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Helping Fight Pet Obesity

One of the biggest health problems facing pets these days is the struggle with weight which can lead to variety of health problems. Let's look at a simple plan to keep your pet at a healthy weight.

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Pet Adoptions & the Holidays

Still looking for a gift? Pet adoption is a popular idea at this time of year. Not only might it be a gift for a special someone but you’re giving an animal a forever home. Yes, forever…let us look at “forever"

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Keeping Canine Police Officers Healthy

Everyone loves a man or woman in uniform....but what about a dog?? You've undoubtedly noticed the increasing number of police departments employing dogs as additional officers. Yes, they are officers just like their human counterparts. If you happened to catch the recent Pet 411 segment from Station14 here in Kingston, it was featuring two of our patients – Zeus and Titan of the Kingston Police Department. These dogs, and other canine officers, carry out a multiple set of skills including apprehension (catching the bad guy), drug sniffing,

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Even Pets Have Breasts

October is widely known is Breast Cancer Awareness month for people. Well, lately it’s also become a month to raise awareness for the risk of breast cancer in pets too! Yes that’s right, Fluffy and Bella can also get breast cancer. Unlike women, your pets can’t check themselves for lumps. Read more...

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