X-ray and Ultrasound

Non-invasive diagnostic tools used to identify internal issues and provide targeted medical care.

Radiology, or x-rays, are an important diagnostic tool to help get to the root of what problems your pet may be facing. Our digital x-ray is the latest technology to give us a clear picture of what may be happening inside your pet. We also have the ability to email your pet’s radiographs to a specialist for a second opinion, and we can even email them to you.

How do you prepare your dog for their x-ray appointment?

In some cases, we will be able to get an x-ray done during your appointment depending on the nature of the presenting problem. Oftentimes, it will be necessary for your pet to stay in the hospital for a few hours or possibly need to return the next day. If we are scheduling x-rays, it is recommended to not give your dog any food after 10 pm the night before. This helps us visualize better detail in the abdomen, but also, in some cases, sedation will be needed, and an empty stomach helps prevent problems that may arise.

How much do dog x-ray examinations cost?

X-rays vary in cost depending on how many views are being taken, whether or not sedation is involved, and whether your pet needs to stay for part of the day. For a more specific cost, you will need to have first had an examination/consultation with the veterinarian. A more detailed estimate can be given at the time of your visit or if you call us and your pet is being scheduled to come for x-rays during another day.

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