Dog Dental Care

Maintaining oral health is equally important for your pet as it is for humans.

Oral health and dental disease are one of the most common health problems for pets. Fortunately, many dental problems can be prevented, or the impact of them can be lessened through some preventative care you can do at home. What can start as a small problem can escalate into more serious medical issues. Dental infections can often spread to the kidneys, liver, or heart. A healthy mouth often means a healthy pet!

What types of dental care for dogs do you offer at your clinic?

Our dental care program includes a line of dental health foods & products and extends to complete dental care, including teeth cleaning, extractions, and dental radiographs (x-rays). Dental care for your dog is a team effort between what you can do at home with brushing and prevention as well as our part with regular cleanings. Having regular dental cleanings done when then the disease is minimal can help save your dog’s teeth and improve their overall health.

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Ideally, you should try to brush your dog’s teeth daily. A reasonable goal to start with is 3-4 times per week, as we know that sometimes life happens and every day is not possible.

Why is oral and dental health important?

Oral and dental health is a frequent problem amongst the pet population. With a sore mouth, pets may have difficulty eating which will affect their overall health. Additionally, infections in the mouth can affect multiple organs and make your pet sick. The good news is that dental health can be managed, and problems can be minimized for the long-term benefit of your pet.

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