Kitten Vaccinations

Safeguard your feline friend from harmful diseases with a vaccination plan.

A great start in your kitten’s life involves being properly vaccinated to keep them safe from transmittable diseases. Aside from their health, preventative vaccination can save you on the expense and heartbreak of going through hospitalized treatment. We will work with you to determine which vaccinations are needed depending on your pet’s lifestyle.

When do kittens get their first shots?

A typical schedule for kitten vaccinations is at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age, however, some kittens will come with their first vaccination. At that point, their next vaccination should be 4 weeks after the previous one until they have had a series of 3 total vaccination visits. The rabies vaccination is typically given at the final kitten visit and can’t be given before 14 weeks of age (if your kitten is on a 6, 10, 14-week schedule).

Does my kitten need only core vaccines?

All kittens need the core vaccines of FVRCP and Rabies. For cats that go outdoors, the Feline Leukemia vaccination (a non-core vaccination) is recommended.

Are there any risks associated with vaccines?

Vaccine reactions are extremely rare, and a significant majority of cats do not have any issues. There may be some self-limiting pain at the injection site that tends to go away in a couple of days.

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