Times Have Changed!

The Kingston Veterinary Clinic opened its doors in 1951 when Dr. Nuttall and Dr. Osborne practiced mixed animal medicine. Horses and cattle were often seen in the side yard being examined and treated by the veterinarians. When it came to pets they kept their pharmacy of four or five drugs in a small glass case in the examination room.

My how times have changed. The building was expanded in 1985. Veterinarians have come and gone. Veterinary technicians are now a vital part of day to day activities. Computers are needed for most testing procedures and for therapeutics. In 2013 therapeutic laser was added to our armamentarium for pain management, healing wounds, speeding healing and treating a variety of other conditions. Our pharmacy of drugs and preventives occupies many shelves now.

Veterinary medicine continues to evolve with new procedures and technologies. This evolution requires us to change and change is difficult but necessary. Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution. Part of this theory states that it is not the strongest or the fittest of the species that will survive but those individuals who are most able (or most willing) to adapt to the changing environment

The Kingston Veterinary Clinic has come a long way in the last 63 years and we have had to adapt, change and evolve to deliver the best care we can for your family pets. This blog is part of our new website and is another example of the changes that we are making to better serve you and your family pets needs.