Dr. Ryan Llera


I am a 2006 graduate of the University of Illinois. I am originally from Miami, Florida and moved up to Canada because I married a Canadian! After graduation, I did an internship at the Hollywood Animal Hospital (a large 24-hour emergency/general practice) in Hollywood, FL and stayed on as an associate veterinarian for two additional years. These years, plus the following few, have prepared me for a large variety of cases, though my primary interests are in endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid disease, etc.), dentistry, and especially surgery (including non-routine procedures).

I have been in Kingston since 2011 where my wife, Dr. Jennifer Weeks-Llera (also a vet), and I bought our first home in 2012 and welcomed our amazing daughter a few years ago. We share our home with two wonderful (and crazy) dogs, two uniquely different cats, a horse and a rabbit, for a grand total of 25 legs (one of the kitties is a rescue who needed an amputation).

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, learning history, listening to 80's hair metal, gaming, working in my yard, and especially spending time with my kid! Outside of the clinic, I have a blog at drryanllera.com and I guest write for the Kingstonist news site. I’ll see you soon, and if you want to keep up with what I am doing, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


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What Is a Dental Nerve Block?

Have you been to the dentist and received local freezing? If so, then you have had a dental nerve block. Most dental procedures produce strong sensory stimuli to the point that it affects the amount of general anesthetic required and a painful recovery.

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