Damica Jordan

Veterinary Assistant
Growing up I have always had an adoration for animals. I have grown up with many different species from hamsters and rabbits to dogs and cats and even horses. Knowing the pure joy that animals bring to people's life I had no doubt that I wanted to have a job that I would be able to work with them every day. Straight out of high school, I went into the veterinary assistant program at St. Lawrence and graduated in 2018. After working in the field for 4 years I got the amazing opportunity to join the incredible team at KVC in February 2023. I am more than excited to meet and help everyone and their pets! On my spare time I love horseback riding and reading but mostly I love to spend with my fiancé and our 2 fur babies Taz (boxer lab mix) and Jenny (chocolate lab) whether that be camping and fishing or just watching a movie.


dog dental

What Is a Dental Nerve Block?

Have you been to the dentist and received local freezing? If so, then you have had a dental nerve block. Most dental procedures produce strong sensory stimuli to the point that it affects the amount of general anesthetic required and a painful recovery.

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