Alisa Weaver

Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up I had a love for animals, my family home always had a pet of some kind in it from dogs and cats to rabbits and even a ferret. From the time I was in kindergarten if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I said a vet. Once I reached high school I learned about RVTs and developed an interest in that career. I did a few placements at a couple of clinics and decided that was the choice for me. I attended the Veterinary Technician program at St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus and graduated in 2014. I wrote the VTNE in that same year and obtained my status as a Registered Veterinary Technician.

There are many things that I like about working in veterinary medicine but I do have a great interest in surgery, dentistry and Nutrition. The thing I love most about this job is helping all of the pets that come to see us and having conversations with clients about their pets. When I am not at the clinic I enjoy spending time with my family.


dog dental

What Is a Dental Nerve Block?

Have you been to the dentist and received local freezing? If so, then you have had a dental nerve block. Most dental procedures produce strong sensory stimuli to the point that it affects the amount of general anesthetic required and a painful recovery.

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