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Tasha Hartson

Client Care Representative

My name is Tasha Hartson, and I am currently a VA student. I have a background and Child and Youth work, but my passion is working with animals. I decided to pursue a career in the Veterinary field because I believe there is no job more rewarding than a career dedicated to the care and welfare of animals. I joined the clinic because I wanted to gain experience, and learn more about the veterinary world in a local clinic setting. My favourite part about my job would be coming into the clinic, interacting with our patients and doing my part to help make sure that all of them get the best care they deserve. I really enjoy the teamwork and family feeling this clinic offers. All employees are kind, they work together and are always willing to help one another. In addition, the clinic genuinely cares about their clients and patients that come in every day. I am most interested in Personal Pet/Wildlife Rehabilitation, Animal Rescue, and Adoption within the Veterinary field.

Some fun facts about myself are that my first pet's name was Dallas and during the summer of 2018, a friend and I went backpacking through Costa Rica.


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