Lyndsay Higgins

Veterinary Assistant

Hi there, my name is Lyndsay Higgins, and I am a veterinary assistant/client care representative here at KVC. I was hired in the fall of 2020 shortly after I finished the veterinary assistant program at SLC. I grew up with animals my entire life so when I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older the answer was simple.

I have had an amazing experience working with the kind and compassionate veterinarians and technicians who also work with me. They made me feel so welcoming and accepted when I first started.

In the future I would like to go back to school and work to become a veterinary technician. I see all the hard work and determination that the technicians put in every day and it inspires me to want to become that person.

I enjoy greeting every fluffy face that walks into our clinic, giving them lots of love and affection, and making them feel safe and as comfortable as possible.


dog dental

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